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      ZEN-NOH International Corporation

      ZEN-NOH Japanese

      Our Business

      Export of Japanese agriproducts

        The ZEN-NOH Group is actively engaged in overseas business including expanding exports of Japanese agriproducts. Together with ZEN-NOH, our company is promoting the export business and is working to create efficient logistics and other systems in order to establish the export business model from farms in Japan to overseas consumers.

      Operation and management of overseas sites and restaurants

        In November 2015, we opened the directly-operated restaurant "TOKIMEITē" in London. This Japanese restaurant is part of our programs that are aimed at promoting high quality, delicious and safe Japanese agriproducts, including wagyu, to the world.
        The ZEN-NOH Group has also opened "SHIKI Beverly Hills" in Beverly Hills, USA and two "Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Pure" in Hong Kong. In the future, we will operate restaurants in a diverse range of forms to meet the tastes of each country or region. We will help to improve the overseas levels of interest in and recognition of the foods used in these restaurants, and to revitalize the Japanese agricultural and livestock industries.