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      ZEN-NOH International Corporation

      ZEN-NOH Japanese

      Overseas Business

      Overseas Logistics Bases

      Acquisition of UK’s food wholesaler SFG Holdings

       National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) and The Norinchukin Bank (Nochu) announce the complete acquisition of SFG Holdings Limited (SFG) on 4th of November,2016. ZEN-NOH International Europe Limited(ZIE) holds a 90% stake while Nochu holds a 10% stake of SFG.

       SFG is the holding Company of Scotch Frost of Glasgow Limited which was established in 1967 for the import and wholesale business of fresh, chilled and frozen products. SFG procures more than 1,000 food products from 35 countries across Europe and Asia and supplies them to restaurants, retailers and small whole sellers in the UK and Ireland. SFG has a long history of success in importing, storing, distributing and selling Asian and Ethnic foods.

       ZEN-NOH group has opened a branch office and a Japanese Restaurant called ‘TOKIMEITē’ in London in order to create new demand while understanding the needs of end-users,to increase export volumes for agricultural and livestock products, and to sell directly to customers in the UK and the EU. SFG has good and long term customers, distribution points effectively located and good delivery system not only in London but also throughout the UK and Ireland. By taking management of SFG, we have acquired good supply chain of Japanese agricultural and livestock products in the UK which gives access to the end-users,in order to increase export volumes.

       Nochu, on the other hand, has invested a 10% stake through their F&A (Food & Agri) investment framework, with the aim of growing the Japanese Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery industry. This will add further value as well as reinforce the industry on the international platform.

       ZEN-NOH group has long been trying to increase farmers’ income by strengthening relationships with overseas companies. Through the procurement of SFG and management of an overseas food wholesaler, we can sell Japanese agricultural and livestock products directly. ZEN-NOH group continues to build alliances, investments and procurement of wholesalers and retailers actively, as we expect demand for Japanese agricultural, livestock and fishery products to grow. ZEN-NOH group and Nochu will jointly continue to contribute to increase exports of the Japanese products, and to build these platforms overseas.


      Head office address
      :Glasogow, Scotland
      Description of business
      :Import, storage, distribution, selling of fresh, child and frozen foods
      Turnover (fiscal year 2016)
      :54,286 thousand pounds(about 6.9billion yen)
      Ration of stocks
      :ZIE 90%、Nochu 10%

      Directly Operated Restaurant


      :23 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XS, United Kingdom
      (Mayfair, London)

        In London in November 2015, ZEN-NOH International Corporation opened our first directly operated restaurant in Europe, named 『TOKIMEITē』. This restaurant was established in cooperation with Mr. Yoshihiro Murata, a top Japanese chef, and Mr. Yasumichi Morita, a top Japanese designer. Both provided their support to the ZEN-NOH Group's efforts to promote high quality, delicious and safe Japanese agriproducts including wagyu to the world.
        TOKIMEITē provides authentic Japanese cuisine made primarily using ZEN-NOH wagyu and other high-quality Japanese foods, served together with Japanese sake, shochu, and other beverages.

      ZEN-NOH Group Restaurant

      • SHIKI Beverly Hills
        :410 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, U.S.A.

          Shiki is an upscale restaurant serving creative Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients including Japanese rice and wagyu.

      • Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Pure Causeway Bay
        :15/F Henry House, 42 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, HK

          This restaurant offers fresh, delicious, and safe Japanese meat at reasonable prices in Hong Kong. On the major local internet gourmet site "Open Rice", this restaurant won the 2013 top prize in the New Restaurant Category for Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

      • Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Pure Tsim Sha Tsui
        :Shop No.3, Hilton Towers No.96 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon

          This restaurant offers fresh, delicious, and safe Japanese meat at reasonable prices in Hong Kong. It is located in the luxury hotel area of the Tsim Sha Tsui East district of Kowloon.